SEM Holdings Limited


Ready System Engineering Limited (“Ready System (Macau)”) was founded in 2006. Upon corporate reorganisation in 2015, Ready System (Macau) become a wholly owned subsidiary of SEM Holdings Limited.
Founded in 2006, we are an established E&M engineering works contractor in Macau with our focus on providing electrical-related E&M engineering works. The scope of our E&M engineering works mainly consisted of supply, installation and maintenance of electrical system, for new and existing buildings in the projects of commercial and residential development, hotel development, casino development and hotel renovation in Macau.
We provided our E&M engineering works in Macau through Ready System (Macau) which has registered with the DSSOPT as a registered contractor for execution of construction works, and were generally engaged as a subcontractor or sub-subcontractor. Our customers were generally the main contractors or the E&M engineering works subcontractors in the relevant development and renovation projects in Macau.
We commenced our business by providing E&M engineering works in a casino development project in 2006. In 2007, we started to provide E&M engineering works in commercial and residential development projects. In order to strengthen our management ability, we set up SEM Resources in Hong Kong in 2015 to provide management and administrative support to other Group members. In 2015, Ready System (Macau) duly registered with the DSSOPT as a registered contractor for execution of construction works in Macau. With this qualification, Ready System (Macau) is able to act as a main contractor in construction projects. Our Directors believe that our registration with the DSSOPT has broadened our customer base and will continue to bring business opportunities to us in the future.